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Strange Times #4 - "The Road Back" anthology

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"The Road Back" - A 56-page, magazine-sized anthology of challenge, struggle and tragedy...and our will to overcome.

Comics, illustration, poetry and more.


  • Matt Levin - Setting the tine with a meditation on the road we all take
  • Teri S. Wood - In her first published comic story in over twenty years, sharing a tribute to her beloved
  • Chuck Bunker - Telling the story of his return to small press comics after decades away
  • Iestyn - Relating his family's struggle to manage a pediatric heart condition
  • Tony Lawrence - Crawling from the wreckage of life
  • Joseph Morris - Relating the return from addiction
  • Keith Newsome - Explaining how so much of his life has been a road of recovery from tragedy...but how it didn't compare to the stuggle of his son
  • Sunny Ray - Giving us the story of a crazy couple who can't live without each other
  • Mandy Shunnarah - Sharing the struggle of identity
  • Tom Fellrath - On the struggle to recover from surgery in an age where our country struggles to recover from catastrophic division
  • Michael Waggoner - Providing needed perspective
  • Ryan Holgersen - Giving us a classic Page of Things
  • Tom Fellrath, Tony Lorenz and Marc Haines - Sharing an all-too-plausible world trying to recover from climate change

For mature audiences.

2024 United Fanzine Organization Award winner for:

  • Best Publisher
  • Best Comic Writer, Tom Fellrath
  • Best Article or Text Story, "Moment in Time"
  • Best Text Writer - Fiction or Non-Fiction, Keith Newsome
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Strange Times #4 - "The Road Back" anthology

0 ratings
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